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Overview Launching event of "Isuzu All New D-Max"

Attending with Isuzu Vietnam at the event “Launching Isuzu All New D-Max” was the presence of more than 20 newspapers/radio, representatives of D-max & Mu-X Fan Club and many customers, partners and people are joining with Isuzu by watching online.

After long time of waiting, on the morning of April 16, 2021, Isuzu All New D-Max officially introduced in the Vietnam market.

Isuzu All New D-Max debuted this time is completely full model change and the most advanced pickup which have never seen for D-max before.

Isuzu All New D-MAX

To introduce new product and bring great experience with Isuzu All New-D-Max, besides “Online premiere vehicle launch video”, Isuzu Vietnam held “Press Conference” combined with “Test drive with a variety of terrain roads” at Isuzu Vietnam factory.

Let’s take a look at the event:

The press conference had the presence of representatives of Isuzu Vietnam, media units and D-max & mu-X fan club.

Representing the press conference “Launching All New D-Max”, Mr. Tatsuyuki Hagiwara – General Director of Isuzu Vietnam Co., Ltd emphasized:

“After a series of successful launches in Thailand, Australia, the Philippines and some other countries all over the world, today we are holding Online Launching Event of Isuzu All New D-Max in Vietnam.

We believe the breakthrough in design and maximum updating of advanced technologies, together with the research and design results of Isuzu experts and engineers team, Isuzu All New D-max promises to completely change the view of Isuzu D-max and meet all expectations of customers in Vietnam.

Looking forward to receiving your attention and support”

Mr. Tatsuyuki Hagiwara – General Director of Isuzu Vietnam

Summarized the history of development of Isuzu Brand, Mr. Thai Van Toan, Director added:

“Isuzu D-Max, since its first introduction in 1963, has undergone 7 times of full model changes.  All New D-Max full model changes this time, is the most advanced pick-up which you have never seen for D-Max before.

Hopefully with today’s press conference you will have more information to understand about the product and then have good experience to test drive with All New D-Max here”.

Mr. Thai Van Toan – Director of Isuzu Vietnam

Expressing the D-Max feeling and evaluation from the users, Mr. Giang – Leader of the All New D-Max & mu-X enthusiastically refined 03 outstanding features of Isuzu: Durable, powerful and economical ”.

Mr. Nguyen Ha Nam Giang – Member of Isuzu D-MAX & mu-X fan club

Next, Isuzu Vietnam officially introduced All New D-MAX via online platforms. Thereby, we hopes to bring customers a comprehensive and complete view of new products.

Online Launching event of “All New D-MAX”:

To better understand All New D-MAX, Isuzu Vietnam and the media discussed and answered questions together.

Representatives of Isuzu Vietnam answered questions from Media and D-MAX & mu-X fan club

At the event, media units and fan clubs directly Test-drive and feel the outstanding features of the All New D-MAX.

Isuzu All New D-MAX has officially launched in the Vietnam market, we will continue to announce the Test-drive schedule of Isuzu’s authorized dealers nationwide as well as showroom activities. We believe Isuzu All New D-MAX will gain trust in Vietnam.

Photos at the event:

16 April, 2021

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