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Privacy Policy

Isuzu Vietnam Co., Ltd (IVC) commit to keeping private information of customers. Customers need to study “the Policy on Information Security” below to figure out our commitments which we do in order to protect rights of customers:

1. Purposes and scopes of information collection:

1.1 Method of collecting customer information:

Customer information is collected by filling in contacting forms on the website including: Full name, date of birth, telephone number, email, address or by every time that IVC may request customers to supply some information such as type of vehicles and/or number plates which customers are using.

1.2 Purposes of collecting information:

We shall use the information that customers supplied to maintain contacting with, enhancing our services as well as setting up and dealing with using our services or transactions between IVC and customers.

Moreover, we shall also use the information to inform customers about our service policies, promotion information, advertisement or direct marketing purposes and other trading promotions through our authorised dealers directly and/or indirectly. We will use feedbacks of customers to improve our services. Other contents we IVC have rights to use as long as it is legally.

2. Scopes of using information:

Private customer information should be used in IVC internally and/or partners of IVC (Authorised Dealers of IVC). We commit not to sell and/or disclose information to any other partners.

3. Reaching information objects

In order to collect the information mentioned in this policy, IVC may need supports from the third party to analyse data, marketing and support customers and/or supply better services to customers. During supporting period, your information may be used to disclose to below mentioned objects:

  • a) IVC Authorised Dealers;
  • b) Partners who are directly under IVC in case of their attending is necessary to implement/complete transactions that agreed by IVC and customers;
  • c) Trading partners that IVC trust in and disclosure and responsibility for keeping information security will be implemented by agreement among IVC and trading partners of IVC.

In order to boost sales activities or in irresistible cases, IVC may re-set up, assign, dissolve or bankrupt; in this case, successors or consignees of IVC may receive the information of customers to supply and implement services for customers continuously.

IVC may have to disclose customer information to the third party or is requested to disclose customer information to authorities or in other cases based on Vietnam Laws or based on trust of IVC that customer information disclosure may protect rights, properties or security of customers or IVC/direct under partners of IVC.

Other partners shall use customer information under permit or instructions of customers.

4. Time of keep recording of information:

All information of customers will be kept record as data on data base of IVC in necessary time for purposes of collecting customer information.

5. Tools and equipment used for customers to access and to adjust private information:

In case of customers have any queries and would like to adjust private information, please contact Customer Care Team of IVC for details.

6. Commitments to private customer information security:

IVC commit that we do not disclose, sell or lease customer information to any party except for the objects in the Item 3 of this policy as well as keeping customer information security right in contents regulated in this policy and law.

IVC shall use appropriate methods and explanation about technique and security to protect customer information effectively. However, IVC note that even though we implement right methods to protect customer information but there is not any website, internet network cable, computer system or wireless system is safest. Therefore, IVC could not surely commit that we have ability to keep information of customers secret absolutely and IVC shall not take responsibility to illegal accession, leakage of customer information that not be fault of IVC. If customers do not agree with these contents above described, customers have rights to deny supply your information to IVC.

7. Address of collecting and recording information object:

IVC always respect any idea, contact and feedback of customers on our services and this policy as well. Any complaint related to customer information are used illegal or informed scopes, customers could contact us following below information:

Isuzu Vietnam Co., Ltd

Address: 695 Quang Trung St., Ward 8, Go Vap Dist., HCMC

Tel: (84-8)3 895 9203

Fax: (84-8)3 895 9204

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