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In order to support customers for cost savings, encourage them to use genuine services and introduce outstanding features of the vehicle, Isuzu Dealer network offers a special program “Comprehensive inspection – Safety transportation”: promotional discount on engine oil & maintenance spare parts.

Detail of the service program:

  1. Applicable time:

  From 01/08/2022 until 31/10/2022

  2. Subjects of application:

  Customers who using the services at Isuzu Dealer network, including mobile repair services during the applicable period

  3. Contents of the promotion program:

  • Free vehicles inspection for customer
  • Free download and explain about Health Report(*) & consulting to customer for using the vehicles properly
  • Discount 50% engine oil and 20% maintenance parts on RS price for all customer when using Isuzu DLR’s service

  4. Note:

  • This program applies to all Isuzu vehicles
  • Engine oils and spare parts discounted under this program will not be discounted under other programs and vice versa
  • Customers can choose one of the programs to apply
  • This program does not apply to the spare parts from another source (not from Isuzu Dealer network)

With professional and dedicated service, customers will surely be satisfied with special offers from Isuzu Vietnam Dealer network. This is also the prerequisite and long-term goal that Isuzu Vietnam and the Dealer network always aim for.

(*) Health Report: Health Report is one of the outstanding features of Isuzu vehicles. It is a tool to help reduce operating costs, improve vehicle performance, and control risks to help protect your vehicle and yourself. Using specialized diagnostic equipment, Isuzu dealers can extract data from the DRM box and print out a “Vehicle Condition Report” for customers. This report provides specific information and recommendations such as:

  • Analyze the operating status of the vehicle: the number of times the vehicle stops, starts the engine, the average speed …
  • Operating status of the engine: number of starts, use of exhaust brake…
  • How to drive and brake
  • Driver’s operating habits
  • Fuel consumption of the vehicle
  • Recommendations on how to use the car to achieve better fuel efficiency



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10 August, 2022

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